Our Story

Our Story
November 29, 2013 Comments Off on Our Story InnQuest Canada News iq-admin

I thought what better way to kick off our new blog than to introduce our company. The best way to do this is to tell you about us. So here it goes . . .

InnQuest Canada is operated by the Barnes family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our family has been working with technology for over 30 years. My dad, Paul, started selling home computers in the 1980’s and of course we kids helped out around the shop. As we and our shop grew many of our clients came to us looking to computerize their business as well. His background in accounting and business management allowed dad to help small business owners computerize effectively. By the 1990’s we were helping both families and business with their computer needs.

Eventually we closed our retail store and moved our focus to business consulting helping small business’ to computerize. One day, while researching software for a client with a small hotel, dad came across a program called roomMaster.

One look at roomMaster and he was hooked. He had looked at other software programs but he knew this program would help his client become more effective. Having worked in hotels as a young man he also knew they were not the only one’s who could use roomMaster to help run their property. He immediately partnered with InnQuest Software to provide roomMaster to properties first in Western Canada and eventually across the entire country.

My brother Greg joined in our technical support department. I helped out here and there over the years and in 2005 I joined full time as the company’s controller eventually assisting dad in the daily operations. In 2012 when dad passed away I took over as President.

Over the years we’ve provided various other hospitality focused solutions. Point of Sale software, paging systems for restaurants, pour control systems, and liquor inventory control just to name a few. There are so many great hospitality products out there and the list just keeps growing.

A few years ago after speaking with our staff we decided to go back to our core and keep our focus to the software solutions we provide the hospitality industry. With that in mind we currently have two product lines:

  • Property Management Software – roomMaster. We are still the provider of this great product to the Canadian marketplace. The developers of roomMaster work hard to make each new version better than the last. Along with suggestions from our users the developers research the latest industry trends to add or integrate new offerings with each new release.
  • Point of Sale Software – keeping in mind the many different sizes and shapes in the hospitality industry we have different solutions to meet different needs. We’ve also just released iBarPOS aimed at making POS solutions attainable for smaller outlets.

Our products are built to help hotels and restaurants operate more efficiently allowing owners and staff to spend more time enhancing their guest’s experience. In the end the guest experience is what matter’s most.

I hope your experience with us makes you feel like one of the family.


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